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MUSE: Caitlin McGauley



Caitlin McGauley is a watercolor artist, illustrator and textile designer that I have enjoyed working with time and again, starting way back in 2014. She started painting at a young age, and (luckily for me) fell in love with designing prints and textiles. Discover her wallpaper and fabric line, go back and learn more about her process for our Resort 2022 print, and get to know her better by reading our Muse interview below.





To you, Marysia is... 

Luxurious and laid back, ethereal and classic, a vacation that you never want to end.


What does the start and end of your day look like? 

I wake up before the sun rises because my kids go to school so early. We live on a small island so I pour a very large cup of coffee and walk them over the bridge to get their bus. Then I walk back and get to work in my studio. At night, I am usually back in my studio tying up loose ends on projects, and then I read until I can no longer keep my eyes open!


What keeps you inspired and motivated?

Walking outside every day  for at least an hour if I can swing it. If I am dealing with a creative block, moving and being outdoors almost always helps me work it out.



What are 5 packing essentials that you take on a warm getaway?

Hat, sandals that work for the beach and exploring, one pair of heels that go with any dress, bikinis, and my travel watercolor set. I am always thinking about prints and patterns so I like to paint little layouts of the local flowers and leaves, and my kids use it to paint on shells.

Favorite place you've ever traveled to?

Paris and Florence for the art and architecture, Shanghai because it felt like I was in the future, Bahamas for the natural beauty.


What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Venice, Copenhagen, Ghent…lately I have been dreaming of visiting European cities by the water.



Who do you admire, and why? 

The community of female artists and textile designers that I have found through starting my business. They are all so generous and willing to help each other. It is inspiring to watch everyone make the unique life that they want, building businesses, caring for their families, and supporting each other.


Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs and aspiring artists?

Set out to make something original. Ask yourself if the world needs it. Also making art, particularly watercolor, is like any other skill. You will find your style and become a better artist by practicing every day.





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