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Muse: Jacey Duprie


This month's muse is Jacey Duprie: bestselling author, the face behind fashion and lifestyle website Damsel in Dior, and most recently — founder of e-commerce brand and retail store Wyeth. With an innate ability to curate the perfect wardrobe, Jacey has an understated approach to dressing and a shared love of timeless, effortless style.

Jacey takes our Sport collection for a spin and chats with us about everything from what inspires her to the entrepreneurial women who keep her grounded. We're so excited to have our collection available to shop at Wyeth online and at their beautiful storefront in the Platform in Culver City.





What drew you to fashion and how did you get started on your career path?

My original interest in fashion started at an early age when I would play dress up on our family cotton farm in Texas. With very little to do and living so far out in the country, I would use clothing as a means to escape into an imaginary world of play. 


What inspired you to start your new brand, Wyeth?

felt as though there was a void in the market for an elevated basics brand that married my preppy aesthetic with laid-back, easy-to-wear pieces. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years, I was very eager to put all of my experience into a role as Creative Director for a brand. 



Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Breathe. You cannot do it all so don’t be afraid to outsource and ask for help. Own your weaknesses and hire people who are smarter and more talented than you are. Never give up. 


How do you prioritize health and wellness as a working mother?

I struggle with this because I don’t have an “off” switch. Lately, my trick is to look at my schedule at the beginning of each week and take off at least three things
and replace those things with self-care activities. I love working out and I put it on my calendar like it’s a meeting. I also make it a priority to be home every night between 5pm - bedtime so I can have dinner with my kids and put them to bed. 



What are 5 essentials that you take on every vacation?

Carmex, the Santa Ynez Barn Jacket, a Marysia swimsuit, Wyeth Favorite Button Up, and a book.

What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

That is so hard! India or Tokyo.



What is inspiring your style right now?

Minimalism. I’m very inspired by the quiet luxury trend and wearing zero make-up outside of concealer and brows. Less is more!


Who do you admire, and why?

I admire female founders who are also working moms. The struggle is so real and having girlfriends who have a live/work life in the same way that I do
helps me to feel less isolated. Marysia, Ariel Kaye, Alex Taylor, Megan Strachan, to name a few… I admire women who go for it in every area of their lives and don’t settle for anything less.


To you, Marysia is...

An effortless, modern and elevated brand that stands the test of time.





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