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After a year of research, product testing and rounds of samples, MARYSIA is proud to introduce SWIMCLEAN, our first swim collection made from 100% certified recycled materials. A critically important initiative for the brand, this milestone is part of our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, from centralizing production in a single factory to ensuring that our packaging is recyclable. The core pieces have been made using an environmentally-sustainable and ethically-produced material with the same high quality texture, quality and fit for which we are known.

“This is such an exciting development for my brand and an effort that I hold dear in my heart. As a lifelong lover of the ocean, I recognize all of the ways that we are depleting our natural resources and want to do my small part by reducing waste and raising money for awareness,” says designer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves. “We’ve always believed that you should buy fewer, but better and that applies to seasonal swimwear purchases. Our suits may cost more, but they can easily last 10+ years - that’s an impressive cost per wear and it’s anti-fast fashion. ”

The new collection is available exclusively through marysia.com.
Swim more. Waste less. Start now.

Fabric Facts:

MARYSIA's sustainable SWIMCLEAN collection is made from a producer of premium yarns and is a clean, recycled product as it is entirely composed of polyamide yarns cut off during the original yarn extrusion process. The utilization of this recycled yarn avoids masses of chemicals that would otherwise enter the environment for disposal. The premium elastane is recycled and ecological and is the only recycled elastane on the market today.

The pre-consumer yarn is derived from the yarn production phase using the polyamide extrusion process discards, therefore the fabric is produced through a mechanical process rather than chemical as it is using original yarn as the final product. Other recycled yarns derived from consumer products (such as abandoned fishing nets, carpets and rigid textiles), must go through a chemical process that uses more water, and entails a heavier environmental load and related pollution.

The yarn meets traceability requirements which makes it possible to verify the authenticity of its recycled origins and has obtained a series of green certifications, including the Global Recycled Standard and Ecolabel EU. It is also now entered on the HIGG INDEX, an index assessing the environmental impact of a garment’s entire life cycle, developed by the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition).

The suit is dyed using a process that follows Oeko Tex standards (certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use).

Fabric composition: 90% pre-consumer recycled polyamide, 10% premium recycled elastane

Production Facts:

The collection is produced in the same factory that produces MARYSIA’s swim and resortwear collections. By only producing out of one factory, the brand has made efforts towards sustainability since its inception, and this dedication to the cause has led to the launch of this important campaign.

Looking Forward:

MARYSIA is committed to this initiative and is working towards making all collections entirely made of sustainable materials by 2022. Style and sustainability for all.