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WELLNESS: Marysia's Clean Beauty Routine


After a lazy summer of longer days, later bedtimes and looser schedules, it feels like the perfect time to get back into the mindset of routine.
Routines help to calm the chaos of a fuller plate, and allow me to carve out time to pursue my passion every single day.
I rely on my morning routine to prepare me for my busy day ahead. Below I share some of my favorite products
that help me start each day with a fresh, clean slate.

xo Marysia



There's nothing that helps me unwind better than a long luxurious soak. Technically this is something I do at night,
but it does help me clear my mind so that I get a good night's sleep and wake up ready to conquer the world.

Esker's Sparkling Bath Salts turn time in the tub from basic to blissful. It contains dead sea and epsom salts
that have a detoxing effect, while soothing coconut milk powder, oat protein and and kaolin clay soften and nurture my skin.
Eucalyptus, juniper and lavender oils promote relaxation, improve sleep and have mood-boosting aromatheraputic benefits.

Sparkling Bath Salts



I like to feel good in my designs, and the Body Plane Set has everything I need to prep my skin.
This exfoliating and moisturizing set comes complete with a reusable microfiber cleaning cloth
for use in between Body Plane strokes, and my favorite Firming Oil to finish the job.

Body Plane Set


Linné Botanicals' Mineral Face Mist  is a daily multi-vitamin for the skin, and unlike toners which can be astringent and drying,
this is more akin to a serum or essence. Not only does it help calm inflammation, minimize pores, promote elasticity,
suppress bacterial infections and protect cell health, I find it also helps subsequent products penetrate and perform more effectively.

Mineral Face Mist


I'm a big tea drinker and lately I've been really into the Linné Skin Tea.
It's a really lovely herbal infusion of organically grown flowers, leaves, seeds and fruits known to support the skin and overall health.
Depending on the weather, I'll drink it hot or even cold over ice. Because it's caffeine free, I can enjoy as many cups as I like
without worrying about it disrupting my sleep.

Skin Tea


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