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THATCH's Amy Olson Goin and Laura Laing

Meet the female leaders behind Thatch Jewelry, Amy Olson Goin and Laura Laing. Based in San Diego, Thatch Jewelry is an attainable yet luxurious, made by hand collection of jewelry. A few months back we introduced their stunning pieces to our website and have been in love ever since. Get to know more about the women behind Thatch and their journey.





What inspired THATCH jewelry to come to life?

THATCH was created with the philosophy that a quality, made by hand collection should be accessible to more women. We like to think of ourselves as attainable luxury for the everyday girl.


Tell us a bit about how you got started with the brand & your roles at THATCH

 Laura was a part of THATCH from the very beginning, as the only trained metalsmith of the group – she could make anything our heart’s desired as the team set out to make a fresh jewelry collection. Amy came in later as an early consultant to the brand, having relocated from the busy NYC showroom scene to California. Together, they grew the small brand and were able to evolve and expand with it.


Does your company practice sustainability ? If so, how?

 Sustainability is a very important part of our company goals…we try to incorporate repurposed metals whenever we can, and in 2020 we were finally able to eliminate plastics in our shipments and created biodegradable, recyclable and re-usable packaging.


Tell us about your SPRING ’21 collection! What was the inspiration behind this collection?

 The brand launched with our signature constellation collection, and has since grown to encompass a strong assortment of pendants with meaning, guidance, luck and protection. We are always inspired by the stars and the energies the universe has to support us.

We also fell in love with these tiny freshwater seed pearls – and being beach girls, we created a tiny capsule highlighting these natural beauties.

What is your favorite THATCH jewelry piece at the moment ? How would you style it ?

Amy is in love with the GUIDING STAR link necklace…it looks amazing with a white t-shirt and jeans, or a beachy sundress – she has been wearing it since it launched !

Laura’s favorite piece is the Alchemy necklace, she loves the simple geometric design and the reminder that the universe is vast and how important it is to remain balanced with the powers of the planets. The lariat is perfect and you can wear it at different lengths which can be styled with virtually anything – from sleek summer tank tops, dresses and of course a simple t-shirt and jeans.

What is a typical day in San Diego like with the THATCH team?

 We all live in different parts of the city, but I would say we are all early birds, and walks on the beach with our dogs, or the hillside trails are a common way we start the day. We have a fluid work day and some come in early, while others stay late – but normally we all have at least one coffee break together in the studio where we catch up on all things, work related and otherwise. We are such a small team, and all very close…we also love food and where to grab lunch or talking about new favorite restaurants is a common topic of conversation.


How has working for a female-founded and female-led brand empowered you?

This is a great question – and it is easy to answer. We feel like we are in control of our days, and have the flexibility to work from home, care for our children or pets, practice self care and manage our days to work for us. We feel there is so much trust in us and love sort of infused in how we work together. There is a lot of room for personal freedom here – and we can’t help but think that comes from the feminine energy of our team x leadership.


Any tips on keeping a healthy balance between your work and personal life?

It’s all about balance.  Trying to prioritize our well being over success is one thing. Making time for ourselves, and being sure to leave the cell phone behind when we are out in nature. We make sure to shut down the entire operation for several weeks a year so we can all truly great a break. It’s a great thing when you know your entire team is resting, you can actually rest, too !


Best piece of advice you’ve ever received ?

Be authentic, lead with integrity, don’t take yourself too seriously….those are just a few of many ! Also, a dip in the sea cures just about anything….





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