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Peggy North

My new friend Peggy North is our next Bumby Mama Muse! She is the owner of one of my favorite shops in Venice, Fire and Creme. Here at the beach with her sons, Cooper and Tom.

Photography by Sophie Jacobson

How did you start Fire and Creme?

I worked with my husband for over 12 years as a helicopter stunt coordinator for movies and I had a strong desire to have a business that was more creative. I come from a long line of women that loved to party and entertain and I wanted to share the lifestyle and the way we do it in France.

How old were your kids when you started your business and how did that affect you?

I always had my own business so my Fire and Creme adventure did not affect my kids that much.

What does the start and end of your day look like?

I drive my youngest kid to school and then go for a walk with my dog. Grab a coffee and start my day either with a yoga, pilates class or surfing or straight to work. End of day is cooking with the boys, playing cards when I am not working.

Best piece of advice for moms starting their own business?

To really ask yourself what makes you happy?  Make sure that you draw boundaries and a schedule that will work with your family life.

How do you handle stress? Any tips?

Turn off the off the phone. go surfing. I mean, take a step back… I always tell myself, look in a year from now, would you remember this? Will this affect my future? 99% of the time the answer is, “no”, so move on and relax.

Favorite app/tool for staying organized and why?

Wiggio! My online calendar with my team: for my meetings and to dos. Saves my life every day.

5 must have items for a typical business day?

Note book, good pen (I like to write and draw and I love a good pen that makes it fun), tape measure, water, and phone.

Where do you find inspiration?

In my travels, and paying attention in my life. I feel like we are so dependent of our phones that we forget to look around us, and when you pay attention, you notice so much.

When you have visitors, where do you take them in LA?

Downtown LA flower mart (my favorite place),  local Venice where we live: General Store, Tortoise, Piece Collective, Heist, Bazar, Guild. Restaurants: Giorgio Baldi, Son of a Gun, Petits Trois, Gjelina, Malibu Farm for breakfast.

Favorite vacation spot?

Kauai - we have a house there. it’s heaven on earth.

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