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Lucy Folk

I am so excited to have my new friend, Lucy Folk, as our next muse! Having met the accessories designer and Bondi boutique owner on our last trip to Australia, I fell in love with her unique and playful sense of style. And her beautiful boutique in Bondi Beach, PLAYA, is one after my own heart. The soft pink walls offer a perfect setting to showcase Lucy's own designs along with Marysia pieces!

Check out our interview below with her favorites from our Resort Collection. You can shop Lucy Folk accessories here.  Those pearl croakies are must!

xo Marysia

Photography by Brigette Cece Clark

When did you start your own business and how did it come about?

I started my business 10 years ago. It came about after trying my luck at having exhibitions and selling my jewels as pieces of art! I quickly realized this wasn't the right direction for me. I wanted to sell my wares in an arena that suited me personally. That being in the fashion world.

What is next for Lucy Folk?

One day at a time! We would love to open more stores. I just don't know where exactly after only recently opening PLAYA, my first concept store in Bondi Beach, Sydney.


Can you tell me a bit about your daily routine?

I wake up at 6AM, put on my Marysia Swim and head to the beach for a long walk (50 min from my house). After working up a sweat I have a swim, head home for breaky and walk to my store. I check with in with the Players at PLAYA and do some re merchandising. I then head to my office and talk all things LF with my staff.  I head out for lunch to get some fresh air. I finish work around 5-6 and head back to my apartment. After watering my rooftop garden, I meditate and go out to dinner with friends in Bondi. I usually hop in bed around 10:30 after a cup of night time tea!

Where do you find inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere. Art, travel, nature, architecture, interiors..


Favorite place you like to travel and why?

Europe in the Summer. As I am half Austrian, I feel at home in Europe, and I adore the food, energy and fun of the Balearic Isands. Give me a beach club, cocktail, and a clear blue sea and I am in heaven.

Favorite local spots in your neighborhood?

I frequent Da Orazio for pizza and a spritz after work. Sean's Panorama for a lovely lunch with a sea view. Orchard St for an elixir and some sprouted toast with avocado for a healthy breakfast. Be sure to top up on all the lotions and potions on offer. Icebergs for sunset drinks overlooking Bondi and a delish dinner. Fishbowl for a quick sashimi salad fix when on the go.

Cannot leave home without...

My jewels and sunglasses!

You recently traveled to LA, what were your highlights?

Moon Juice for the ultimate health fix. Dinner and a lot of sake at Sushi Park with Marysia, Jay Z, Chris Martin, Leo DiCaprio, and Sofia Coppola...ha-ha! Shopping on Melrose Place. Loved The Line on Melrose. Make sure Miguel looks after you. A special visit to Marysia HQ and after dinner drinks at Sunset Towers.

What is your favorite way to wear Marysia?

I love to wear Marysia combined with high waisted shorts or a robe. I prefer not to expose a lot of skin...being in the Australian sun one has to be sun smart! I adore the full piece. I often wear the full piece out on the town as a top with some lovely pants! I am always accessorized heavily in my jewels and sunglasses. I won't be at the beach without a hat!

Marysia Swim is...

Luxurious, fun, playful!


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