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Bree Hannemann

Are these the most magical photos you've ever seen!? Bree Hannemann, photographer and hot mamma living in Hawaii, spent the weekend at the beach with her adorable son, Sylver, capturing some beautiful moments. We discovered her Instagram feed a while back and fell in love with her aesthetic. Now lets go back to the weekend.

Photography and Video by Rubias Collective

Marysia Swim is "A lovely collection of swimwear that suits everyone from the hardworking everyday mother to the classy young hearted teen."

How my kids got their names "When my husband Seek and I were dating, we had the conversation of "kids names" on our very first date on the car ride to the movies! He asked what I would like to name my little boy and with no hesitation I told him Sylver. I was part joking but had always liked the name. Seek thought it was a bit odd, and by the end of the night he said "I actually really like the name Sylver" He was obviously thinking about it throughout the entire movie! Once we had Sylver a year and a half later it was a no brainer that we would name him SYLVER! I couldn't see him with any other name."

My advice for new moms "My best advice for new moms would be to always work on your patience! This is something I have always had to work hard on as it can be so easy to loose your cool with kids. One thing I decided which is one of the best decisions I ever made is to never work in front of my son. When I am on my phone or computer, I naturally zone out into my own world.  I started to notice he was feeling ignored and would get really upset and whiny. Once I stopped doing work in front of him, my patience grew and I could focus 100% on him when I was with him. We both now only see the fun loving side of each other. This is what relationships are all about in my eyes."

The start and end to your day "Its quite simple. Wake up, make a smoothie and breakfast, do a little workout if I can, go to the beach with my son and cousins/friends, come home, rinse off in the pool, eat lunch if we didn't at the beach, clean the house, go for a bike ride to check the surf, surf if waves are good, come home, have dinner, put Sylver to sleep, watch a show or movie with my husband, get some work done, put coconut oil all over my body, read and go to bed."

Best part about living in Hawaii "the vibrance of the people, the weather, and all the color around us. Nobody is in competition here. The cool thing is to not have the nicest car, its actually have the oldest, vintage looking car. My son barely has any toys because we are outside 85% of the day. The beach and jungle is his playground. "

A woman that inspires you "A woman that inspired me is my mother. Not only is she beautiful but she handles life with such grace. Nothing seems difficult to her, and she is a woman of so many talents. Growing up if someone was mean to us as kids, her response was always 'don't be mean back because you never know what they are going through in their life. Kindness is the cure for everything.' I have tried to live by this saying my whole life although sometimes it may be hard. Kindness is truly the key to everything.

My favorite way to spend time as a family "Going to the beach, surfing with my husband and son, coming home and making a delicious dinner, then going on a walk to watch the sunset on the beach."

Cannot live without "Kombucha"

Favorite family vacation "Bali, Indonesia! Last winter."

My sign is "Pisces- fish"

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