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Anna Feller

Shot by: Brigette Clark

Our next muse is Sydney-based model and wellness advocate, Anna Feller. The beautiful Canadian model and mama to Banjo launched her site Wilder, which encourages taking a holistic and natural approach to raising children. Here she takes us to Bondi Beach wearing the new Spring 18 collection to soak up the last weekends of summer in Australia.

xo Marysia

Marysia is...

The forever super sleek cuts and signature scalloping, beautiful palettes every season, always means a sunny destination and sleep may be in sight. Marysia is holiday mode.

What is your favorite swimsuit?

I really love the French Gramercy top and bottom in white.

What is your style advice for packing for vacation?

Keep it minimal and always try and pack only carry on... I always pack at least 4 swim suits as I spend way to much time in the ocean. Always a good outfit for a warm evening, but something that can be broken down to day time as well. Always a pair of trainers for a quick run in the morning and most likely bare feet the rest of the time.


What does the start and end of your day look like?

My day always starts and ends in the ocean.



Best piece of advice for new working moms?

Try and do something nice for yourself once a week. It can be very hard to allocate this time but it is essential. A massage, a facial, a walk... whatever you can manage, do it.


What is an important lesson you want to teach your son?

Treat people how you wish to be treated.


What is your favorite way to spend time with your family?

Eating, traveling, lots of laughter & loving each other.




What is your favorite vacation destination?

Byron Bay.

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