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Meet our latest Muse, Ann Kim. A talented artist and the founder of Andy Heart, a lifestyle blog that began with fashion and has since grown to include art, design, travel, and more. Ann spent years as an art director, but as of late has returned to her roots of painting. Dive into Ann's minimalist approach to style and design that creates a timeless feel. 



Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into painting? 

As a child I remember watching my grandfather work on his paintings and Korean calligraphy. We sketched and painted whenever we were together and I learned a lot from him. After high school I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena then started my career as a graphic designer. After a decade of working as Art Director I left branding to start painting again.


Where do you find your style inspiration?

My style is inspired by how I approach design. Design should be functional yet have an aesthetic, focus on the details, and feel timeless.


How does life in Los Angeles influence your work? 

I grew up near the beach in LA, being near the water has had a lot of influence on my work and how I paint. When I’m swimming, surfing or watching the water I feel present and immersed in the moment.


What has being an artist taught you or brought into your life?

Art has taught me how to be in the present moment.


Are there any artists that you are influenced by or look up to?

Joan Mitchell is one of my favorite painters. 


Any tips on creating captivating and engaging content?

Post what you love and inspires you—good composition is also a plus.



What is your style advice for packing on vacation?

Pack less things and choose versatile pieces.


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to? 



5 must have wardrobe essentials

Black dress, a suit, white button-up shirt, classic pair of jeans, and tee.



Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Learn from failures and mistakes, they will be your best teachers. 


What is your favorite Marysia piece and how would you style it? 

During the summer I don’t need my wetsuit for surfing so this rashguard (currently out of stock, but returning soon) has been a favorite.






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