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Nathaniel and I visited the Utah and Arizona border last March.  We stayed at the beautiful AMANGIRI resort The grounds and its surroundings were breathtaking and unparalleled to anywhere I have ever been lucky enough to travel to.

As it was a last-minute trip, we decided to drive there. It took us about 8.5 hours from LA and so we arrived on a Thursday evening.

We started off with a couple's spa treatment. The spa was the most beautiful and peaceful place. I loved the 105 minute Purifying Facial.  It ended with a beautiful sound bath and left me feeling truly relaxed.



After the spa, we took a luxuriously long bath in our room, which looked out on the desert. I could not have been happier to find that they sell their sage bath salts (which I excitedly purchased) in the gift shop later.

They only have one dining room/restaurant, but it did not disappoint. Everything we tried was delicious. The ambiance was especially nice by the wood-burning fire, which had bundles of sage hanging above it, wafting their peaceful scent throughout the room.


Early the next morning we departed the Amangiri property to embark on the Three Canyon tour with a knowledgeable private guide who led us through the back way.

This was by far my favourite part of the entire trip. While I had seen beautiful photos of the canyons, they couldn't compare to experiencing the stunning views in person. Surrounded by my favourite colour (that I like to claim as Marysia pink), we hiked through three slot canyons of varying widths. The Owl Canyon, (named for the grey horned spotted owls that call its 50 foot high walls home) was the widest, while Rattlesnake Canyon was so narrow that we had to squeeze our way through some of the turns. 



After the tour of the canyons we drove to Horseshoe bend, which in all honesty terrified me. There are no railings so you can walk right up to the cliff that overlooks the canyon into the Colorado River. The other tourists there didn't seem to share my fears, as I saw many go up to the very edge for photos, even with young children. I had Nathaniel take this photo as I needed to leave pretty quickly to avoid getting carried away with thoughts of people falling over the edge!



The rest of the day was more restful- the weather warmed up and we fell asleep by the pool. That afternoon we went back to the spa and then enjoyed another wonderful dinner at the resort.

On our last morning, we went on a 10 mile horseback-riding tour of the property. It was a little unnerving as my horse was called Dash for a reason, though I eventually got used to her falling behind the group and then cantering to catch up. Pro tip: tell them that you are a novice so that they will give you the calm horse to ride!

Kidding aside, it was really a beautiful and exciting way to end our stay and head home.  I'm coming back for sure and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for peace or adventure, kids or no kids, husband or's a win win stunning place! xoxo-Marysia



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