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Marysia is a minor miracle: a Singer-Songwriter who actually doesn't sound like all the other women you hear cooing over today's airwaves. Her clever voice is feather-light and will pull you blushing down the primrose path to a folk-loving lifestyle.

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LastFM: this is my main music page, I'm listed under three different names though due to the complexity of's system. Marysia Kay, Marysia and Marysia (Scotland's Jewel). If you have any of my music on your player and it's scrobbled by please set my name to Marysia Kay.
MySpace: Then We Slide, Invisible Girl, Into Thin Air, Darker Than This Along the Way, Darker Than This, Dead I Said, Into Thin Air, Invisible Girl, One Sheaf of Wheat, Then We Slide, Away in a Manger, Christ Child Lullaby, Corpus Christi, Gabriel's Message (Basque Carol), In Dulci Jubilo, My Dancing Day, This Endris Night, Ca The Yowes, He Moved Through the Fair, The Turtle Dove
SoundClick: Darker Than This

Also me singing Blue (Joni Mitchell) (mastered by Iain Morland)

Other comments:
"I have since sampled your wares at, and have to say that you are an incredible talent. Your vocal strength is out of this world. I've only heard two others anything close to your skill."
"In listening to Marysia's voice, one is overwhelmed by a feeling of spring. The sound and style of her voice is new and clean. When you hear her you can't help it but to imagine her in a cathedral or some other warm and innocent place. Her voice paints these visions of tenderness and warmth, and it just makes you feel good deep inside. Hers is the kind of voice you hope you hear beckoning you at the moment of your death, for surely you would be going to heaven. I think she is great." - Paul AKA Laughing Cavalier

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Then We Slide
Invisible Girl
Darker Than This
Crystal Owl
Dead I Said
Into Thin Air
Along the Way
One Sheaf of Wheat
The Turtle Dove

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  • Scott Walker - or
  • Bowie - Diamond Dogs (US or UK)
  • Bowie - Hunky Dory (US or UK)
  • Bowie - Outside (US or UK)
  • Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (US or UK)
  • Kate Bush - Hounds of Love (US or UK)
  • Kate Bush - Never For Ever (US or UK)
  • Kate Bush - The Red Shoes (US or UK)
  • Fairport Convention - What We Did On OUr Holidays (US or UK)
  • Fairport Convention - Liege and Lief (US or UK)
  • Incredible String Band - 5000 Spirits (US or UK)
  • Incredible String Band - Hangmans Beautiful Daughter (US or UK)
  • Fiona Apple - When the Pawn ( or
  • Fiona Apple - Tidal ( or
  • Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left (US or UK)
  • Joni Mitchell - Blue (US or UK)
  • Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon (US or UK)
  • Joni Mitchell - Clouds (US or UK)
  • Kate & Anna - Matapedia (US or UK)
  • Zap Mama - Seven (US or UK)

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